Extension and amendment of subordinated convertible bond loan 08.03.2017

TTS Group ASA ("The Company") suggests making certain changes to “NOK 95,345,000 8.00 per cent TTS Group ASA Convertible Callable Unsecured Subordinated Bond Issue 2011/2016” with ISIN NO 001 0593890 ("The Bond Loan").

The changes mainly entail 21 months’ delay of the maturity date from April 18th 2017 to January 18th 2019, changing the interest rate from 12 % to 10% p.a., as well as offering the bondholders voluntary repurchase of the outstanding, in total up to 10 %.

The implementation of the Bond Loan adjustment assumes that the changes will be approved in the bondholder’s meeting, which will be held on March 22nd 2017, as well as in the Company’s Extraordinary General Meeting on March 30th 2017. A majority of the bondholders has confirmed that they will vote for the suggested changes in the bondholder’s meeting.

In connection with the proposed changes to the bond loan, Pareto Securities AS has been the company’s advisor.

For more information, please see the summons published at the company website: