Shipyard Consulting

TTS Handling Systems Consulting has been active as ship yard consultant, world wide, for about two decades. In this period TTS-HS Consulting has carried into effect more than 130 projects for more than 80 clients. Typical clients are shipyard owners/managements, ship owners, investors/banks, authorities. Typical studies/projects comprise:

  • Feasibility studies (‘green site’ projects and yard upgrading projects)
  • Shipyard surveys
  • Layouts
  • Build strategies and main logistics
  • Capacity Calculations
  • Equipment and facility lists/descriptions
  • Manning Plans
  • Productivity calculations
  • Investment budgets and analysis
  • Studies of specific production cells/areas for optimizing logistics and productivity, (e.g. what effect will installation of a panel line has on the yards profitability)
  • Optimizing build strategy and planning for specific shipbuilding projects at existing shipyards
  • Business Plans
  • Industry Studies
  • Others

    Shipyard Consulting

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